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Portable Toilet

Portable Toilet

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The technology that the modern society provides tend to make life easy and portable toilets is among the greatest inventions. It is one of the greatest ways of increasing the levels of sanitation on our living environment. Portable toilet come in handy on a construction site or when you have an industry event. Here are some factors to consider when hiring a portable toilet.

Quantity: This point is critical especially for organizers of big events and festivals. The attendees you have will help you determine the right number of portable toilets that you need. The company that you hire should have enough experience in dealing with such events to give you the right estimates.

Access: The actual delivery of the portable toilets is the other critical element. There should be suitable access for the delivery of these facilities. The service providers should have exactly what you need for your event. Place the portable toilets in the right place because bad weather can make them inaccessible.

Servicing: Portable toilets need servicing especially if they are on a long-term hire. It will make sure that they are in a clean and usable condition. It is not good to have a smelly toilet around and you need to empty and service them regularly.

Price: Most organizations that are looking for portable toilets take this to be the main factor. Its good to look for the best deals but the cheapest are not always the best. Do your homework well to find brands that offer high quality portable toilets and the most competitive rates in the market. You need emergency call out services, prompt delivery, and check whether there are any hidden fees on collection, servicing, installation and delivery.

Location of the Toilets: Think of where you are going to place the toilets. The delivery trucks should get access to where you would like to place the toilets. Place the toilets in a strategic place that will keep your guests happy. The toilets should not be very far whether it is on a construction site or during an event.

The Type You Need: The market has different types of portable toilets to hire from. The main ones include Mains portable toilets that you can’t connect to a sewerage line, self contains host wash that require electricity supply, and self-contained Cold Wash. You need to choose a unit depending on your capacity to use the system.

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Will They be Safe: Some of the hiring companies provide insurance for their portable toilets and you may have to pay extra for this service. However, other brands will charge you an extra fee if you happen to damage the toilet. Therefore, you have to try your level best to make sure that you keep the toilet safe. This can be hard especially during festivals. However, some of these companies provide outside attendance to make sure that the portable toilets are safe.

What Will You Get with the Hire? When the company delivers these units, they will come along with the Loo roll paper towels if the sink is fitted or a hand sanitizer. If you are hiring a portable toilet for use in the long term, the unit should be serviced and the company needs to replace all the accessories that come with the toilet.

Delivery: You should no the appropriate time when you want the toilet to arrive. The toilet should be on the site before you need to stat using them. They should be fully installed by the time the guests are arriving on the site.

Collection: The hire company will want to collect the portable toilets immediately the hire period is over. However, some will take a few more days before they come for the unit and you need to confirm this information to avoid any inconveniences. You can request for a particular delivery day and also make sure that the collection vehicle will have access to these units.

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