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Septic Maintenance

Septic Maintenance

Septic Maintenance-San Diego Septic Tank Repair, Installation, & Pumping Service Pros

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Septic tanks are usually expensive, but they are significant additions to any property. Since you will invest so much in having the septic tank installed in your home, it is essential to make sure that you carry out regular maintenance to ensure that it functions efficiently. Having your septic tank maintenance under the professional will guarantee you an entire system that works smoothly giving you the long-lasting systems.

Whenever you have a septic tank in your home, you should consider the times you need to inspect them or have someone do the inspection. It will help in the maintenance of three regular water flow of your system. In the case you forget to check up your septic tank, then backups occur which may cause up severe damages to your home and surrounding. When you need your septic tank to be in good condition, then it is necessary to ensure you maintain it by regular pumping and inspecting.

Why is it then necessary to carry out regular pumping at regular intervals?

It’s good for health:

When you clean up the system, this will boost the health of your entire family. Failure to pump the system regularly can lead to the flow of the dirty stuff into the well and any other water channels around thus leading to contaminations. These contaminations can, therefore, be so much harm to your health as well as for the people and other living organisms around your home.

It saves your money

When you fail to take care of the septic tanks they can easily collapse after some year’s .This will mean that you get to install a new system in the home which can be very costly. Therefore when you regularly pump the septic tank and clean it, the cost you will incur is much less than making a complete replacement. Imagine shelling out lots of money every five years, or so because of making new installations yet, you can pay few hundred dollars every year to have your septic tank inspected and maintained .whenever you carry proper maintenance, the tank will function well giving you a long lasting service of about twenty years or more. In the long run, you will pay just a fraction of the money you could spend on replacing the tank.

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It helps to avoid the backup:

Whenever you have a pipe that is blocked or has overflowing water this can cost you a lot of money replacing. Thus regular pumping will help prevent blockages and allow smooth flow of water.

Stages of inspection

If you want to get a well laid out plan for regular maintenance, getting an examination of the whole septic tank is critical .As per the result you get from the inspection, the services of professionals like those in San Diego Septic Tank Repair; Installation & Pumping Series Pros will let you know the kind of care that is needed.

The first stage inspection is to locate and uncover the holes that access the septic tank. Thereafter, you check out the flash tanks in the house to identify any backup. Measuring of the scum and the sludge layer follows up. Also a check up on the mechanical components is undertaken to ascertain any problems. Pumping of the tank is also necessary.

Having a septic tank that is under proper maintenance will guarantee you the best of service. Hence regular inspection and plumping are necessary to ensure your system is flowing. It will ensure that your home is not prone to damages that result from septic leaking. San  Diego Septic Tank Repair, Installation, & Pumping Service Pros’ uses the latest advancements in technology to ensure that they are giving their customers the best services in the provision of the right general maintenances in the commercial and residential areas.

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When handling all household activities, we are giving the septic tank some work. However, how you handle the septic tank matters in a lifetime. This is done by proper maintenance of your septic system. It’s good to carry out the maintenance activity for some reasons like. It is a cheap exercise to execute as it will not cost you so much. It also prevents messes around your property that can turn out to be unhygienic.

A malfunctioning septic tank can be the main cause of health hazards to the community, family, plants and crawling animals. Underground water can become contaminated thus unhealthy for both human consumptions. When the septic is left for long without inspection, it might emit toxins to the soil from undigested waste materials. When the waste clogs in one place for a long time it starts to malfunction.

When a septic tank is operating well, it is of great importance to the community. Everyone is living in a conducive environment that is free from airborne diseases. Water sources are safe as no waste pollutants are being disposed to water sources like rivers, wells, lakes etc. Therefore, no property owner should overlook the issue if septic maintenance.

 Septic tank baffle inspection

Baffles are found at outlets of septic tanks. If they are damaged or go missing and not replaced, the waste and soil will go straight to the drain field. The septic baffles may erode from a poor concrete mix, water flowing on top of them, chemicals or detergents and also using improper methods to do the pumping. Here are common ways to ensure that your septic tank is trouble-free;

Plant trees away from the septic tank. This is to ensure that roots don’t penetrate to the sides or near the septic tank. Trees like willows should not even be planted around the septic system. You can resort to planting trees with shallow roots near the septic tank.

Never dispose of everything in the toilet. Facial tissues, diapers, sanitary pads, tampons, cigarette butts and filters or cat litter don’t decompose and may pose a great problem to your septic system. When disposing of garbage, ensure that they are in small particles which can be digested.

Do not allow water from rooftops and gutters to enter the drain field. When drain fields are filled with water, they become soggy and don’t absorb liquid waste anymore. Ensure that no grease particles enter the septic system as these will make it impossible for soil to absorb liquids.

Avoid using anything that can produce hazardous chemicals like, paints, motor oils, varnish etc. These may pollute groundwater when they dissolve in the soil. Don’t overload drain fields by making use of showers, flow reducer nozzles and aerators which lower water consumption.

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Make sure all repairs are made to reduce water spillages. Wash laundry at specific days these will help reduce water usage. Don’t drive or park on top of the drain field, nor build a structure on top. it advisable to plant grass on top or around the drain field to prevent soil erosion.

Don’t use strong chemicals to clean the septic system as these may kill enzymes helpful in waste digestion. When such is killed there will be low solid break down. However, some are not harmful like dishwashers and laundry cleaning liquid cleaners.

It’s good to pump the septic system after a certain period. These will ensure that solids are reduced from the septic system which gives space for proper digestion of waste. It’s advisable to let professionals do the opening of the septic tank. These systems harbor dangerous gases and bacteria which can be harmful.

When a septic tank is left for a long time without maintenance it starts emitting water on the ground. This is because the drain field cannot hold more water. Or even allowing harmful toxic chemicals to start dissolving in the soil. Therefore, septic tank maintenance comes with so many benefits to the users.

The Process of Septic Tank Inspection

Locating the system:  This is a common step that even challenges the inspection team professionals. The expert will insert a probe to locate the pipes when he notes the actual point and put a mark to help in future.

Uncovering the manhole and inspection ports: If the septic tank is covered, digging is required as it allows access for future inspections.

Checking connections: this is done by allowing water to run through all pipes. It can come from the washing machine, flushing toilets and sinks to determine whether the system is functioning well.

Measuring the scum and sludge layers: The action is either measured physically or by inserting a special tool through the inspection port to know the volume of scum and sludge.  Sludge is a heavy layer of solids that settle at the bottom of the tank. On the other hand, the scum is composed of light solids and grease and usually are at the top of the septic tank. If the sludge is 1/3 the tank it will be pumped.

Checking the tank and the drain field the baffles: walls of the tank and the drain field are crosschecked to see if there is any sign of failure. The pump and the dropping box are also inspected. Pumping of the tank depends on the size number of people living within the units and how the septic tank is easily filled. The type of garbage being disposed, and if one is using appliances that use large quantities of water will call for regular pumping.

You have to put in place an expert who will ensure there is proper disposal of sludge. You can also be around when the whole process of pumping is being carried the expert has to use the manhole to extract the waste, not the inspection port. When the inspection port has interfered with the baffles, it damages them. You will also be sure everything in the tank has been done away with. Ensure everything is removed but don’t disinfect the tank. This is to avoid killing enzyme forming germs that digest the waste. Too much solid in the septic tank will lead to clogs that may damage the whole system permanently.

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Record keeping: It’s good to keep records of the septic location, permits pumping, repairs, and any other maintenance carried out in your system. This is good as it will save time and money as you can’t be hiring people to dig out every time the inspection is being carried out. These records will be helpful to know the system’s health.

The inspections are good at also monitoring problems before they worsen. Monitoring the levels of sludge will also help in knowing when the next pumping will be carried out. You can also let everyone know simple ways of the septic maintenance in the household. Let everyone know the don’ts and do’s to give the septic system life.

Checking the septic tank, drainfield, and teethe walls of the tank is also crucial. Baffles are checked for any signs of failure: If there are traces of paint, they can be cleaned by passing a rod wrapped with a rag or newspaper. In case of the hazardous waste remaining in the tank, make sure it’s deposited in the right place when rinsing.

Many people believe in market products that are known to treat septic systems. However, some of these products have become more harmful to septic systems as they kill bacteria’s which digest waste. These additives are categorized into biological and chemical components.

The biological wastes are harmless and examples are yeast enzymes and bacteria. On the other hand, chemical additives are harmful. When absorbed in the soil they contaminate all underground water. Though their effectiveness has not been proved, they are all termed by experts as harmful. It can be household cleaning products to personal care gels. However, a few drain cleaners are termed to be safe to use. However, even though they are safe, you should use them in minimal amounts. Go for something that is environmentally friendly and bio gradable.

Environmentally friendly products, as well as biodegradable cleaners, are safe for septic systems. In laundry phosphate-free, bio gradable and non-chlorine products are advisable. They are termed to have low chemical components which are not harmful to useful bacteria in the septic tank. It’s unsafe to use phosphate cleaner detergents as they kill enzymes in the septic tank.

Ammonia is safe to use toilets as it doesn’t affect bacteria when it enters the septic system. Never mix ammonia with bleaches. Water-based cleaners are also the best to use in septic systems. Among other products we use daily that are safe for the septic tank include; borax. OxiClean, vinegar, cider vinegar and white vinegar, and the common baking soda.

Make use of liquid drain cleaners as they are the safest with the septic system. Epson salts, when used in the septic tank help in plant growth as they are common additives of magnesium in the soil. These products kill the important germs that digest waste thus no activity takes place in the septic tank anymore.

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Even though drain cleaners, disinfectants, bleach and toilet bowl cleaners are termed to be safe they must be used in small quantities. Using them in large quantities can also damage the septic system. In short ensure that anything that can be endangering the operation of the septic system is avoided, whether used or disposed of. You should also avoid disposing of anything in the septic tank.


Whatever is applied in the kitchen should also be applied in the bathroom. Most of the household activities run in the bathroom and the kitchen. Therefore, these are the common places where water can be conserved. Avoid taking long showers or minimize using large volumes of water by installing showerheads. Ensure that limited water is used when brushing or washing hands in the sinks.

Change conventional toilets to low flush toilets that use average water to flush. Ensure there is limited water use in the house to ensure the drain field is not filled with unnecessary water. Plan as when to be carrying out activities that need a lot of water. All surface water roof drains sump pump water should be drained away from the drain field.

Qualities to look for when looking for a maintenance company

Septic tank maintenance gives a septic tank long-lasting life. It’s an exercise that requires regular visits. When you put the right team on board you are assured of controlled associated problems arising. When looking for the maintenance team ensure that they met the following qualities;

Insurance and workers compensation: Make sure that you hire a company that has insured all its employees. It’s good because when the worst happens in the site of project, they are fully covered. As an employer, you will also be on the safe side.

Thorough septic tank pumping system: Hire a team that can meet all your needs. Know how they drain solids to liquid waste. Do they carry all these activities together or they carry separately? Do they do the rinsing or their main task is to pump.

Maintenance pricing: You should know the cost of every step of the pumping before hiring the team. Know the cost of hourly rates, lid charges, dumping fees etc. to avoid surprises when done with the services. It’s good to have upfront or advance pricing.

Extensive experience: Get to know the operation life of the company. If possible, get in touch with some of their existing clients to get customer reviews. Don’t rush to any company that can lead to added costs in maintaining the septic systems of their customers. The reputation of the brand is key at this point.

Great customer care; Because most septic system maintenance needs to be carried at regular intervals, it’s nice to hire a team that will keep you informed. A team that can remind you of an important issue with your septic system. The company should offer services that ensure you are comfortable working with them.

Levels of nitrogen in septic system

It’s good to measure the level of nitrates available in the soil when carrying out the inspection. Excess nitrate is believed to harm the environment by hindering the growth of algal and decreasing oxygen levels in lakes.

Septic systems are installed to reduce pollution on treating solids and ammonium in human waste before its absorption in the soil. The ammonium is consumed by bacteria and turned into nitrate in the drain field.  If the septic tank is functioning well, it emits useful nitrate. This is then drained into the soil. It helps in plant growth or it’s consumed by bacteria. A failing septic system leads to the formation of excess ammonia or nitrates which are then absorbed in the soil. When it reaches to sources of underground water, it becomes harmful.

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Treatment of nitrogen in human waste depend on septic tank in place, type and concentration of the human waste. In domestic wastewater, it’s estimated to be 50-60 mg/l. Wastewater from office buildings, campground or schools is high as it has added effluents such as garbage disposal, feces, urine greatest source and cleaning products.

Nitrogen is produced in large amounts when solids and scum are pumped out of the tank. These will help create more space for the hatch of bacteria that convert ammonium into nitrate. A well-functioning septic system is good in bacteria formation. It means that the rate of nitrogen removal is at higher ends.

Role of soil in nitrogen absorption

Nitrogen is removed from the soil in two ways. Plants either take up the nitrates or through denitrification. The nitrogen removal is so important and it varies with the type of soil surrounding the drain field. Fine-textured soils remove more nitrogen compared to shallow coarse soil. In fine soils, nitrogen flow is slow thus giving chance for pants to make use of it. It’s advisable to measure the content of nitrates in the soil hence will help determine whether they are useful or harmful. This is good as the homeowner will know the health of his/ her septic tank

Effects of Rain on Septic Tanks

When rainwater accumulates around the septic tank, it can cause flooding. It’s advisable to contact a professional who can handle such an issue. The septic tank is divided into three units. These include the inlet pipe where all drains from the house run through. We have the tank where wastewater is held to separate into sludge sum and liquid. Lastly is the drainfield which are pipes buried in the soil release the liquid into the soil for further absorption. The solid which remains in the tank is usually pumped in this place.

The solid waste can also remain in the tank for a continued breakdown. Grease and lighter solids float on top of the tank. The liquid, normally termed as effluent flows from drain field to the soil. In case of heavy downfall, water becomes excess in the soil. These make the drain field weak to release effluent to the soil. Consequently, all the accumulated water fills up the septic tank which is not good for the system. You need a professional to come and help you with septic maintenance in case of such issues.

It’s not easy to tell if your septic system is flooded from rainwater because it may behave as if it requires pumping. But you can tell if you had recently pumped out the tank and after rainfall it now full. If you can’t figure out whether its normal clogging you can contact an expert to come and handle the issue.

When water floods in the septic system, it may cause damage.  It’s advisable to reduce the amount of water use in the house as much as possible. These give time for the drainfield to dry then you can call a professional to see what might be the cause of the problem.

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If the water in your house isn’t draining due to flooding, adding any kind of chemicals or other material will only worsen the problem. All you can do is limit water use and schedule an appointment with a septic tank specialist to assess any potential damage and solutions.

Septic tanks act as the main core of the house activities. It needs to be handled with care and safety to ensure that household activities don’t come into a standstill. When maintained well they give long-lasting services and help reduce costly maintenance costs in future. San Diego Septic Tank Repair, Installation, & Pumping Service Pros offer maintenance services in the region.

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