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Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning-San Diego Septic Tank Repair Installation and Pumping Service Pros

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Septic tank systems are very common in the rural areas. Households that are aren’t attached to the sewer system of the municipal use them as a way of treating the sewage. The septic system will carry the waste from your home and drive it to the septic tank. You need regular checks and maintenance to keep it working the way you wish. Sludge tends to build up in the container over time. It is advisable to pump out all the sludge so that the tank can continue working the way it should be functioning.

Signs That Your Septic System is Choked

Some signs will tell you that there is a build-up of sludge in your system. At this point, you will need to hire the services of a reputable septic tank cleaning agency to clear the sludge from your system. These professionals have the right expertise and tools and will work on your system within no time. The professionals are well trained in sewerage plumping and treatment. You should call upon their services the minute you discover that there is a foul odour in the home’s vicinity.  The accumulation of water above the container or in the yard is the other clear indicator that you have a blockage. You should call these professionals with immediate effect once you start to notice some of these signs.

The Working

Most septic tanks in the region are made from the concrete material. In the early days, the systems were made from metal but most people are now switching to concrete septic tanks. These tanks provide an accumulation point for all your solid and liquid wastes from the house. Most of these wastes are broken down by bacteria to create a liquid form before moving out of the container. In case there is clogging, you may find solid wastes moving into your filed lines, it will end up chocking your drains completely.

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The top section of all septic tanks either have a hatch or an opening. It is normally covered with mud as a section of the field. You have to dig out the mud that is around the tank so as to expose the hatch. It is recommended to carry out inspections every year but septic tank cleaning can take place every three to five years. There is one sure way of knowing that your septic tank system requires cleaning. After opening the hatch, you have to measure the internal height of the septic tank. After this, you will measure that solid matter height that has accumulated at the bottom section of your tank. If you discover that it is occupying more than 35% than the height of your septic tank, you will be forced to pump it out.


It may not sound pleasurable to maintain the septic storage of your home. However, it is prudent to carry out some septic cleaning because if you overlook this practice, you will get to a point where everything that goes in it gets back to you. No one would like such a thing to take place in his or her compound. There are specialized tools and products that you need to carry out septic tank cleaning.

Similarly, some chemicals will allow certain bacteria to grow in your storage hence dissolving the water faster. Besides, there are also some items that you should not put down the drain such as soils, insecticides, grease, and feminine products among others. Allowing any of them to get their way in your system can clog everything. Therefore, you have to carry out the cleaning exercise periodically. You can contact the local authorities so that they can give you the information that you need when looking for professionals to pump your tank.  The professionals can also assist you during periodic inspections unless you have what it takes to do the inspections by yourself. Regularly cleaning your septic tank is a critical element for its integrity.

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