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No one ever thinks about what will happen to the water and waste once they flush the toilets especially for those of us who have homes in the urban areas and the apartments are on municipal water systems.  But in the case you own your home that is hooked up to a septic system, then maintaining the septic tank is something that you cannot ignore. It does not matter if your home is new or old, regular checkups, replacements, and inspections are necessary to avoid the small issues turning into emergencies.

Septic Tank Replacement-San Diego Septic Tank Repair, Installation, & Pumping Service Pros

How then does a septic tank work?

In most septic systems, you find that these systems have large holding tanks for storage that is usually made of plastic. But the old ones are typically made of concrete and steel. These tanks generally hold all the household wastes. It reaches some point in time when these tanks get full to the maximum level . these necessitate the need to dispose of the trash in some manner. You can either pump out, allow it to drain into the soil through a leech field, or adding up some chemicals or bacteria to break down and destroy the waste.

It gets to a point when time runs its course and the need for maintenance and replacements sets. Because the septic tanks are usually placed underground, It is always hard to know the appropriate time to carry out the maintenance of these tanks, and this is the main reason why regular inspections of the container, replacements, and assessments are vital.  Therefore these assessments that you do regularly will help you avoid the over costs of fixing the problem when it worsens.

How does an inspection work and how often it to be done?

Pumping the septic tank regularly is also very important. Having these done with technicians such as the one in San Diego Septic Tank Repair, Installation & pumping Services Pros is ideal as they have the chance to inspect it more appropriately for maintenance issues.  This pumping should be done and inspected at least once every three to five years.  More so, a thorough inspection should not always involve a visual check of the tank connectors and draining points, but also you could consider opening the inside and inspecting it thoroughly. You will find some experts who can also carry out some tests to check the functionality of the tank that is they can add dye to check leaks in addition to this it is essential for them to check out for any wear and tear on the baffles, the visible connection pipes, and lids.

What are then the signs of the need for replacement?

When you find out that the leech field is flooding this is a clear indicator that the tanks have leakage or are broken, this may be brought about by rusting and also breakages due to heavy machines, vehicles passing at the point where the septic tank is placed more often especially when the tank is in the open field.  The pressure that gets exerted on the place makes the leaks more extensive and thus necessitating the need for replacements being done since the tank is worn out to the extent of no repair.

Whenever you get to the market intending to purchase a house, ensure to carry out a proper inspection of the septic tanks and the entire landscape. This is because not all home sellers will tell you the truth about the system as they may not even know whether the tank close to being repaired. It is evident that the more you know about the condition of the septic tank the more you are always prepared to solve the problem or replace it right away.

When your septic tank fails, it can lead to a disaster if you don’t treat it well. Things like the blocking of your septic system or a broken pipe call for professional intervention. However, it does not mark the end of the world for both commercial and residential property owners. Septic tank replacement is a routine exercise that is cost-effective as long as you are using a team that is fully qualified.

A septic tank is basically an underground sewage collection point that breaks down and decomposes wastes before they are eventually drained. This system operates in such a way that tubes run from the inner side of your building. The pipes eventually lead out and channel all the wastes from the building to a single huge tank.

Septic tank systems averagely last between 20 to 40 years as long as you maintain them well. When there is a dire need for the property owner to replace a septic system, you may notice the backup of wastes inside your home. The other sign would be an odor that comes from the outer section where the sewer line pipes have been buried. If you are experiencing any of these two issues, conduct plumbing experts with immediate effect to help in avoiding any bio-hazard risks from spreading.

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Call a Professional Plumber

The first step that a person should undertake whenever the septic system has an issue is calling a plumber. These experts will pump your septic tank and remove some of the underlying issues. It creates enough room to help you in determining the main problem that your septic system is facing.

In some instances, the issue could be as simple as a clogged screen which any plumber can fix with a lot of ease. However, if they establish that the problem is more severe than what you can take, they will recommend the necessary steps to correct the whole issue. The remedy can range from replacing sewer lines to septic tank replacement. In either case, you need people with the right technical knowledge to handle the problem.

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The Main Drainage Field Issues

If the experts discover that the issue is located along the drainage field, it will definitely increase the replacement costs. The reason is that you have to dig up the underground system to correct the issue.  There could be a broad range of issues that vary from scum or sludge layers growing too thick meaning it’s hard to break them down effectively to the bursting of pipes. 

Some of these issues do arise naturally. However, the same faults can arise when you fail to pump your septic tank frequently. Mass Gov recommends that you pump your septic tank for a duration of approximately three to five years. It will make sure that any scum or sludge that attempts to clog the system is removed in an effective manner before the occurrence of any real problem. It is among the measures that will help you avoid unnecessary septic tank replacement costs.

Septic Systems That are Available for Replacement

When the time for carrying out septic tank replacement is due, you need to understand the types of septic tanks that are in the market. The other important thing to note is the process of septic tank replacement. Before replacement, you will start by digging the designated area. You have to make sure that the new septic tank and pipes will fit in the trenches perfectly. After this, you can now embark on the installation process. We have three different types of septic tanks in the market which include;

The most commonly uses septic tanks in the United States are the concrete ones. These tanks are the most durable ones in comparison to the other two options. The tanks will take you a very long time before undergoing something like cracking. The pricing of these tanks is fair and need typical maintenance so that there are no leaks or extra buildup.

The fiberglass materials form a lightweight alternative to the traditional concrete tanks. This equipment will neither crack nor rust. However, they call for a careful installation process and you should never place heavy objects on top of this tank after the full installation. If you exert too much pressure on the fiberglass tank, it can shift the position easily and make the loading pipes burst. This may also occur during the heavy rain period as the soil tends to become too wet.

These tanks are the least popular because they aren’t durable and cannot run for over 20 years. Steel tanks rust easily and require more frequent inspections in comparison to the other alternatives in the market. You will typically get these tanks in older homes and present so many challenges if you don’t service them regularly.

Septic tank replacement is a big project regardless of the type of system that you have in your home or office. Therefore, you need professionals with the right capacity like San Diego Septic Tank Repair, Installation, & Pumping Service Pros to carry out this exercise. Always shop for an expert who will deliver cost-effective solutions while maintaining high standards of quality.

Indications That You Need Septic Tank Replacement

No single person will want to have a sewage backup in his or her yard. There are so many things that you can do to avoid some of these unnecessary issues. When the case is beyond control, you will need to do away with the old system and invest in a new one. It is an expensive undertaking and hence you have to make sure that you get it right from the onset.

Some repair works can become so expensive and it makes more sense to invest in a new system. Your needs can also overgrow your septic tank hence calling for a replacement. Several years of improper care may imply that replacement is the only option. Here are some signs that will tell you to start preparing for replacement;

It is common for the septic systems to last for a minimum of 40 years. It means that once you buy a new one, you will not be replacing it again. However, you could be in an old home where the septic system has been around for close to half a century.

If you realize that the septic system is beginning to raise problems, you need to think of replacing the septic tank. You may discover that you need to pump it more often to keep it working well. When you notice such things, begin to budget on how you will acquire a new system. Try to find out the actual age of your septic tank if you aren’t aware yet.

Most septic tanks have a limited capacity. The size basically depends on the square footage and number of rooms. However, when you increase your water consumption or expand your home, you may end up out spacing the current septic tank. If the tank is too small, you will need to upgrade system to help it serve your lifestyle and family in a better way.

Does it take a lot of time for your bathtub or sinks to drain? It is a clear indication that there is a problem in the septic system. However, this could be a minor symptom because all you could be having is a clog. On the contrary, if all your sinks are draining slowly, it could imply that the problem you are facing is more significant. The water could be flowing slowly though the septic tank because of a buildup of sludge at the bottom.

Water from your septic system getting to the yard is always a bad sign. It means that you either need a repair or replacement of the system. Your Drainfield could also be having an issue. You should never ignore standing water because this problem will not go away but only get worse.

Your septic could not be the course of this problem. The standing water may be falling from your failing Drainfield. The Drainfield is the place where the liquid from your septic tank flows into the yard. Organisms help in breaking down the liquid and this explains why you need to have plats and grass above the Drainfield.

To fix issues in the Drainfield, you can use biological and chemical additives to clear the blockage. Mechanical aeration is the second solution to this problem. Replacement is the last option that you have. In some cases, you may replace the Drainfield without having to replace the septic tank. However, if the problem you are going through is age-related, you also need to prepare to replace the septic tank.

If you notice coliform bacteria, nitrate, and nitrate in the surrounding water sources, it is a clear indication that your septic system has a problem. If the water sources have pollution, you need to investigate the problem with immediate effect.

Raw sewage backing up in the toilets or sinks has never been a good sign. If you see or smell raw sewage coming to your sewage, you need to call plumbing experts with immediate effect. These experts will investigate the course of the problem. The plumbers can recommend septic tank replacement as the most ideal solution. You also need to call for an emergency septic tank inspection if gurgling comes from your drains. It could imply that raw sewage has clogged your sewer line.

Most concrete septic tanks last for 40 years on average if you maintain them well. However, if you notice puddles in the backyard, it could mean your septic tank needs replacement. If it has not been raining, there should be puddles from the septic tank. These puddles are a clear indication that you should begin to prepare for septic tank replacement.

The septic tank normally treats the wastewater before discharging it to the Drainfield. However, if there is too much wastewater in the Drainfield, it will flood the backyard making a backup of raw sewage in the household drains. You could also come across raw sewage floating in the backyard.

All the waste from the building will flow to the septic tank. The challenge comes in when you begin to smell that waste water close to the Drainfield or tank. It is a clear indication that the system is beginning to fail. Some of these problems can be fixed through septic tank replacement.

When your septic system fails, it may face the raw sewage from the tank to get to the yard surface. If this takes place, it can contaminate the groundwater with coliform bacteria, viruses, and nutrients. It means that you need to check the quality of the groundwaters. Some cases may call for septic tank replacement.

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Green Grass

Is the grass surrounding your septic tank greener than the other parts of the lawn? It could be an indicator for replacing your septic system. The Drainfield filters the pretreated wastewater from your septic tank. However, if the Drainfield begins to fail, it will significantly increase the levels of moisture in the soil making the grass greener. The grass around the septic may also grow faster than the other parts of the lawn. When there is a failure in the septic system, the sewage will act as a fertilizer to the grass that grows around the septic tank.

The Other Issues in the Septic System

Septic tank replacement is a worst-case scenario. Some of the above symptoms will indicate minor issues that need repair. You may need to flush or pump the septic system to remove clogs. If the state of your septic tank worries you, the best way forward is to call an expert. Plumbers offer a broad range of services including septic tank replacement.

The Cost of Septic Tank Replacement

There is no straight answer to this because the replacement costs vary from one company to another. The quotes of two companies doing one project using the same resources will vary. However, don’t always run for cheap septic tank replacement costs. You cannot compromise on the quality at the expense of costs because you will obviously pay for it in the long run.

However, this does not mean that all the cheap services are bad. You need to compare the quality of the service with the price to determine whether you are getting value for your money. Do not accept someone to exploit you in the name of high-quality services. We have plumbers who charge less but offer better services than those that charge more. The secret is to get quotes from 3 to 5 top companies in the region. From here, analyze the pricing versus the quality that you will be getting. It will help you to narrow down to the company that offers the best septic replacement services at the least cost.

Which Damages Will the Building Insurance Cover

This factor also depends on the type of insurance policy that you have and the insurance company that you are using. There is no specific answer to this just like is the case with the cost. You can understand the technical beat by reading through the terms and conditions that the company stipulates in its proposal.

Some insurers split this into dip pipes, broken baffles, tree root damage, walls of the tank, and many more. If you don’t understand anything, feel free to ask as many questions as you can before signing the proposal form. You need to be sure of what the insurance company covers and what it does not so as to avoid future disappointments.

We have some insurance companies that will manage everything from the beginning to the end. It is better to go for such a policy even if it will cost you more. However, this may depend on the reason as to why you are replacing the septic tank. Since it is expensive to carry out this task, it can be so nice to get help from your insurer.

However, there comes a time when footing the bill is the best way forward even if the insurance company cannot help you out. After upgrading your system, you stand to benefit a lot from a highly efficient septic tank. You will also avoid most of the costs that come as a result of regular repairs on your septic system.

If the foul odor is coming from your drains or there are puddles in the yard, it may call for septic tank replacement. Septic tanks are common in rural areas that are very far from the city sewage systems that handle wastewater treatment. Therefore, if you notice unpleasant smells in your backyard, these experts are better placed to advise you if you need to replace your septic tank.

Some of these problems can be troublesome to both your bank balance and your nose. However, it is the best way forward if you have overgrown the septic tank or it is too old. The repair costs may end up costing more than the replacement costs leave alone the inconveniences that came from the faulty system.

You may think that you are saving by going for cheap repairs but end up spending more in the long run. A faulty septic system can also be a health hazard to you and your loved ones. Just look for a professional who will guarantee you high-quality septic tank replacement services at the least cost. It could be the long-term solutions that your septic system needs direly.

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